PhD programme (full-time)

The PhD programme lasts four years – the maximum period for such a programme normally allowed by Polish law (limited additional time is permitted for students interrupting their studies for the various reasons clearly specified in Ministerial regulations). Students spend only two of their four years as doctoral students attending taught courses, devoting the remaining two years entirely to research.

Students conduct studies according to their own choice of courses. Courses of lectures and seminars available in the given academic year are listed in the School Catalogue. Students select courses by completing the declaration / registration form to be submitted to the School Office by the published deadline. From the second year of studies onwards, the selection of courses requires the approval of the student’s thesis supervisor or tutor. With the written agreement of the Dean of the school students may – where necessary for their studies – take courses outside GSSR/CSS.

In the first two years of the PhD programme students will be expected to foll>w taught courses. These can be chosen from those taken also by students following the MA programme, or from additional courses offered solely for PhD students. Students may also audit courses (i.e. attend but not for credit).

In the third and fourth years of the PhD programme students need not take any courses. However, if they choose to do so in order to maintain a broader range of interests than strictly encompassed by their PhD topic, they may take further courses for credit. In the third and fourth years of the PhD programme students will be expected gain credit points:

  • by publications and/or;
  • by teaching activities and/or;
  • by attending conferences and summer schools and/or;
  • by taking additional courses (see above).
  • Students will also be expected to join a research project to gain additional credit points.

Dual PhD studies

Building on the very successful collaboration with the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Science (IFIS PAN), that offers students completing postgraduate programmes in IFiS PAN the possibility of being awarded a Lancaster University MA degree, a Dual PhD Programme has been available since October 2010–. Under this programme of study, a single thesis that has been researched and supervised in both institutions may, after its successful examination in accordance with their regulations, be awarded a doctorate by each.

If you wish to Join the Dual PhD programme you should first be accepted to the MA or PhD programmes of the GSSR. During your first year of study at the GSSR you will be assisted to apply for a further three years’ study in the Dual PhD programme.

The period of study for the PhD will therefore be four years and will require periods of residence in both Warsaw and Lancaster to work with supervisors from both institutions. Students on this unusual programme will have the opportunity to join in the intellectual life of these two world-class academic institutions and work with scholars of the highest standard.

NB: Students on the Dual PhD programme will also pay fees at Lancaster per year for their three years of full-time study, (but at a lower level than full time Lancaster University PhD students).

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